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Think of top-class handmade production of very smart accessories bijoux, belts, scarves, shopping bags, evening handbags, brooches, flowers and hair accessories
Handmade, dressy accessories produced with well refined and innovative materials mixed together
These are Maria Serena Brini' s accessories

Designer profile

Maria serena brini was born and live in Bologna, Italy. At sixteen years old he started MSB SAS which produces fashion accessories. Since its beginning it produces for the most prestigious Italian fashion companies. Helped by skilled metal pattern maker, using the best leathers and special materials, with her endless creativity and ever-growing research, Maria Serena Brini has managed to boost her produce while keeping it fresh and trendy.
Since 2005 Maria Serena Brini has been teaching at LUNA Free University of Arts of Bologna in the Design faculty, where she teaches Fashion Accessory Design

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